I am a typical middle child….with a brother (Mark) that is 10months older than me and a sister (Jeanine) that is 13 months younger than me.  I was born in Eunice, Louisiana in 1961….
   I graduated from Opelousas High School (Opelousas, LA) in 1979 tied for 1st with a 4.0 GPA (this is my senior portrait)
   These are my 2 best friends from high school, Steve and Chuck….we did everything together! Especially the Rocky Horror Picture Show…nearly every Saturday night at midnight!!!!
   I attended college on scholarship to LSU, but decided to transfer after my freshman year to the University of Southwestern Louisiana…now known as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  This is my senior college picture. Go Rajun Cajuns! I was a double major and graduated   with a B.S in Biology and Chemistry
   This young lady is Melinda. I knew her since the age of 5..we were off again and on again sweethearts all through high school…This is a picture from the Debutante ball of 1979.  Yes, they still have Debutante Balls in my hometown for the young ladies!
   I was ALWAYS a GREAT date!!! I could dance and loved to have fun !!!
   Homecoming 1978. I was even an escort for out of town girls as well!!!( NOT THAT KIND OF escort! )  
   Here is the AWFUL blue leisure suit!!!!!!! Everyone has a skeleton in the closet! This is Prom 1977.
   This is another picture 1979 (our High School senior portrait) of Melinda and I…. I really thought we would be married…but alas no……
   College Cheerleader days at USL!!!! My partner in this picture’s name is oddly enough Melinda as well!!!!  
   I could do a MEAN toe touch back in the day…circa 1981 … I was a gymnast and could do flip flops down the field at the start of every football game! I even got run over by the football players once!
   Partner stunts were relatively easy for us back then…. Watch ESPN College Cheerleading Championships to see how tough they really are!!!
  Alan surfing right into the next phase of his life.  Yoga and marriage. 
   Bikram Yoga has played a very important role in my life for the past 6 + years… I love that I was able to become a teacher for Be Hot Yoga Atlanta! It was truly a special life event for me!  This is standing bow in the snow!!! In Atlanta!!!!!
   Standing Forehead to Knee at the beach in Hawaii
   Finally, my next favorite activity,  swimming….here in Hawaii (with a tiny beach  Naupaka flower in my hair)….. Aloha and Mahalo
   My partner Jim and I have been together for 25 years and were recently married in Hawaii.
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