Good Evening Everyone, 

Since we all know the weather reports can change hourly and might not match what's going on in our neighborhood, we are holding off on cancelling any classes just yet. David, from PRIMED, has the earliest class schedule and is graciously going to give us all a real report if the roads or the driveway are icy around 5:40 AM. 

After I receive our weather report, here are 3 ways you can see if we have cancelled any classes.

1) MindBody Schedule. It updates probably the quickest.
2) Another email from us here, but please know there sometimes is a little delay before it's sent.
3) Check our Twitter feed on our Homepage. You do not need to follow us on Twitter to see this.
     It's a direct feed, but you might need to refresh the homepage or just click "follow @beHOTyogaATL" for the most current tweet.

Thanks for your patience,

Namas J