This is Adam Levine.
 This is our "Adam Levine" or really JD.  Not to be confused with another famous singer JT.  Some say he's actually the real John Doe.
 In his early years he was fascinated by chocolate, but then it shifted to his hair and music.
 Even with an elbow injury, at an early age he made sure his hair was slightly styled.
 The Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett years.  Was it their hair or their music that was starting to take hold?
 JD's Mom made him cut his hair for the Mickey Mouse Club audition, but you can see he wasn't excited about it.
 Look how much happier he was with this style inspired by Duran Duran.
 Well.... we are just not sure about this one.
 Oh yeah... Punk Love.  The Rocker in him was emerging.
 But wait... Is this the "I have to get a job haircut?"
 Getting Married Hair Cut
 The hair had to take a backseat here or really a hat, but he did manage to keep his practice up.
 Definitlely a good hair day during this jam!
 The hair yeah yeah, but wait that voice!
 Namaste back at ya'!  And thank you JD for being a good sport.  John Doe is a member of two bands.  Check them out at these links:   Ten Story Relapse  and   The Mighty Heals    
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