Cristina by Cristina (De Donde Vengo..)

II.  My Training Background

My knowledge comes from direct experience and from years of studying mind-body disciplines.  What I learn specifically about yoga comes from its majority from the study of my own practice and my student’s practice.  I’ve got a degree in business and pursue many different psychology classes. As an owner and operator, my business partner and I have taught hundreds of classes. 

In my years of study and research many authors and teachers have inspire me to discover different levels of learning and re-discovering many levels of truth in my practice.   These teachers have allowed me to stand on their shoulders to reach new highs.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The part of my background that is the most influential in my teachings is found in my martial art background and mind body studies.  From a young age I studied the martial art of Judo. Judo taught me how to use balance and movement in a way that can multiply my own force.  

One time a senior sensei (that is how you call a judo teacher) called me up for a demonstration. I was about eleven years old, skinny and small for my age.  The Sensei was a tall guy who knew my skills. Once I bowed to him as we usually did before sparing, he grabbed me by my judogi (judo uniform) and started throwing me up in the air repeatedly over and over again.  I didn’t have time to think in between falls that I was already up in the air again. It was a marvelous experience. Intuitively I let go and trusted my body to take each fall with perfect combination of arms and legs hitting the tatami (judo floor)- which is how you protect yourself to absorb the impact of the fall without hurting the body.   I will never forget this experience because it was the first time I realized that my body knew exactly what to do and that all I had to do was let go.  I realized that I didn’t really need my mind to use my body, on the contrary the absence of thought was what was allowing that spontaneous right response and fluidity of movement in each one of the falls.  There was something incredible freeing in that discovery because I felt the presence of something in me that was faster and sharper than my mind.  Today I can name that as the intelligence that runs my body and I trust it completely.

I also study Tae Kwan Do.  Tae Kondo deals with lots of leg movement and balance. Precision of mind and body coordination in conjunction with the use of breath is key to use tap into the energy of our bodies.  From my background in martial arts I learned that real power came from learning to quiet the mind until we become silent and still within the body.   

All master athletes practice this absence of mind and synchronicity of movement. That is why they train their body through repetitive movement until the mind disappears from their practice.  This concept to me is key to my teaching and my practice.   

My grandfather on my mother side was a student of Allen Kardec. Allan Kardec was one of the founders of Spiritism (France, 1800s).  My grandmother from my father’s side was a devoted catholic. I wasn’t interested in following a creed, what interested me about this concepts was the possibilities of different truths.   Spiritism was the beginning of the study of the non-physical.  I was never really interested in spirits per say, but I always interested in the energies that we can't really see with an untrained eye.  By letting myself be open to those concepts I was able to connect with different people who taught me about concepts of mind and body that weren’t to be found in any formal education. 

I completed the Sylva Method of mind control when I was 19 years old. I study Business Administration, drama, Psychology, Film, and have study the works of Anthony Robins, Carolyn Miss, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Dale Carnegie, Dr. Andrew Weil, Mark Davis, Dr. John Gray, Eckert Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispensa, Abraham (Ester Hicks), Richard Bach, José Mauro de Vasconcelos, James Redfield, Dr. Robert Monroe, Gay Hendricks, Barbara Brennan and many of our current mind body, new age speakers and great authors like Dan Millman, Richard Bach, the amazing Bruce Lipton…and many more.  There is always someone new that I add into my circle of teachers and I constantly seeking new information spending countless of hours in research.   

In the past few years I completed a course in In-Depth Channeling at Delphi University, did a seminar with Robert Peng who is a Qigong master.  I also competed 3 seminars in Reconnective Healing. Two of them with Eric Pearl and an advance level with Pat Antas. 

My last endeavor was to get my certification as a Hypnotherapist in July 2011 and Neurolinguistic Programer in March 2013.   I'm constantly studying, if it's not one thing is another...aren't we all?