winter schedule

The yoga we teach is the traditional hot yoga which consists of a specifically ordered series of 26 postures in a hot room.  The room is heated to approximately 106 degrees.  In this style of yoga we hold the postures for a certain amount of time focusing on balance and stillness.  The teacher stands in front of the room guiding, setting the pace of the class, and sometimes even taking with the students.  We try to instill a disciplined practiced to help foster a unified energy and create a great environment for EVERYONE.


Be Hot 90:  The traditional 26 hot yoga postures for 90 minutes (all levels). 
Be Hot 75:  Our most popular 75 min class includes all 26 traditional postures, however, some postures are combined to finish earlier.  Depending on your teacher,  a few surprises might be added, too.  The pace is a little faster but beginners are welcome.
B.A.S.E. & Be Strong:  taught by studio owners, Cristina Rey (B.A.S.E.) and Jason Ewing (BE STRONG).  Each of their classes has a different style, but both incorporate hip openers, leg stretches and core work into the traditional 26 postures, with the aim to open the flow of energy in our base or root chakra.
PLEASE NOTE: permission is required to attend because it's their chance to practice as well. 

Please be familiar with the studio etiquette before attending class.