Pet Finder Picture of Maggie.
  In order to understand this story, I need to talk about Sofi. Sofi Rey Brown.
  After 8 years of living in the US, I was finally financially secure enough to be able to get a dog that I knew I could care for.  That's when I got Sofi from a farm in Newman, GA. 
  I never had a dog outside my family home.  Sofi and I became instantly family.  Sofi was my angel.  I didn't realized how lonely I been until she came into my life and gave me so much love.
  Sofi became synonyms of me. Wherever I was, Sofi was there to o.
  When Jason and I started our studio in Cheshire Bridge Rd. Sofi came to the studio with me. 
  Sofi would wait patiently and greet the students after their yoga class. 
  Eventually Sofi got old.  And it was a week after she transition that I found myself looking at your picture in Pet Finder. 
  Rosebud was found on the side of the road, with 9 new born puppies.
  One of those three black puppies is you, Maggie. 
Two days later I meet you in person.
  I don't know how it works. But I know that you came to me, to continue what Sofi started. 
10 weeks old.
  You took over my house. 
  You didn't want to retrieve...or did anything like Sofi did. were as entitle as her.
  And I fell in love with you. 
  I am so grateful everyday for your presence in my life. 
  I don't take one day for granted. 
  And yes, you don't   retrieve...but who needs to? You are so beautiful. 
  Even when you are dirty you look like a model to me!!
  Remember when she use to wait outside the studio?
  And so here you are...
  Brightening every day of my life..
  Teaching me how to be elegant like you. 
  But most of all, being always there for me. 
  Can you believe she was born on the side of the road?
  How lucky I am.  How lucky...
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