Ganesha and Rudolph are BFFs? - a Namas J Blog

Did you know the principles of the Hindu God Ganesha could be related to the story of Rudolph the red-nose reindeer? Like Rudolph he was given something when he was born that was different from any other son of a Hindu Deity, the head of an elephant. But that too, like having a red nose instead of a black one like most reindeer, became a blessing rather than a curse.

Ganesha’s father Shiva accidentally severed his head, and the first thing he saw to replace it was an elephant’s head. Having those big ears though helps him hear the people better.  People worship him in the Hindu culture to bring good luck, but his biggest aspect and why he is sometimes shown carrying ax is that he uses it to clear obstacles.

Rudolph had an obstacle but not necessarily the red nose. He was teased because of it.  He wasn’t allowed “in any reindeer games” according to the song, and if you remember the Holiday special he thought he had to even leave the North Pole with his companions.  His obstacle or really his perception was that his difference excluded him from all his peers and family.  Who hasn’t felt excluded in their life at times? 

But the event of that “foggy Christmas Eve” where he became the hero because of the nose changed everyone’s perception.  The obstacles were removed in his feelings of self-doubt, and the perceptions from the other reindeer were shifted.

Have you ever thought a situation was going to be really negative, and it turned out to be a positive one? Thought you had to start a difficult situation and come to find out you were thinking the same thing as the other person?

In this Holiday Season where it can get so stressful and you are in a rush, does a complete stranger suddenly make you stop and take a moment? Make you laugh? Open a door for you?

Ever feel lonely and you get that call, a hug or words of encouragement from a friend? Or how about not wanting to come to class but you do anyway, and it’s one of your best?

In a moment that obstacle in your perception is removed and you are able to move forward.

“Then all the reindeer loved him
as they shouted out with glee, 
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, 
you'll go down in history”…like the Elephant son too.

Be well,
Namas J