Teachers Blog: Kindness by Suzanne Szabo

If you are anything like me, you can relate when I say, I am my own worst critic.  That is not to say I do not have others, believe me, I do.  But, no one’s voice rings louder in my head than my own.  It may be the continual nagging or second guessing that seems loud.  The place of solace from the real world that our yoga family provides always helps me.  No matter what is going in my world or the much bigger one, I always feel better just being at the studio.  We, all of us, have created an amazingcommunity of friendship and kindness.  We are fortunate, compared to many.  So, that brings me to the real message of this blog about kindness.

Start to to notice your own self talk during your next class.  How often are you kind to yourself?  How often do you nit pick and criticize yourself or others?  One of the most important things I have learned over the years is the mat and what happens on it for me is a direct reflection of what else happens in my life.  If I am annoyed or frustrated or elated, it all translates elsewhere. 

Back to kindness.  I encourage you to develop an attitude of kindness towards yourself, first.  Be thankful you made it to class at all.  Be grateful you are able.  All of those adjustments and improvements to a posture may or may not happen - given the day.  Try to let go of your expectations about what is right and wrong.  Be in the moment, pay attention to how you feel.  It may be good, it may not.  You then have the opportunity to change it with one deliberate breath… followed by another.

We live in a wonderful, crazy world.  Just like your practice there are things we can control and those beyond.  Be intentional with your thoughts.  Be kind and take care of each other.  We cannot ever know what others might be going through.  We touch and influence others whether we are aware of it or not.  Use the awareness that you are developing in your practice to promote kindness and love.  Love wins - always.