What's up with the 8:30 am class (t/Th) and 11 am on Sat?

If you do have around 10 to 20 classes at our studio you are welcome to come to our 8:30 AM (Level 2/3) classes or the 11 AM on Saturdays. We used to say "permission required to attend" and here are some reasons why:

We (owners Cristina and Jason) generally do it with you. So it's minimal instruction from us and a solid knowledge of the traditional ( 26 +2 ) hot yoga practice is required.

It's not necessarily advanced, but we do want you to get a feel for our studio's vibe first. There are a lot of variations of hot yoga out there right now, and we just respectfully ask you follow our class. We also have different formats for each class so it's important to stay present in any given day, and it's such a great energy when everyone stays together.

And this is one of the biggest things about the class, we start and stop together. It is energizing when everyone is doing a pose together, but even more empowering when everyone is pausing together.

It's a great way to advance your practice and learn to really pause on your mat. The lights are down, and the heat maybe just a titch higher too. These are great classes to explore, discover, and challenge yourself in your own practice. And resting at any point is always an option, but just because you rest physically doesn't mean you can't stay in the posture mentally. So if you are up for it, come notch it up a bit with us.