Jason and Cristina never met when they were practicing “Hot Yoga” at Atlanta Yoga with Stephen Hendrix back in 1996. Stephen's studio was small, and the heat was set around 95-100 degrees. He was an extremely disciplined teacher. The class lasted around 75 minutes;Students could only wear black, have white towels, and water was not allowed in the room.


Stephen closed his studio at the beginning of 1997. After the studio closed, Stephen’s students found out that the yoga  they had been practicing was a shorter version of Bikram’s Beginning Yoga class. Stephen was one of the original American students of Bikram Choudhury (founder of Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class).

In the fall of 1999 while attending one of Bikram Choudhury trainings, Cristina Rey and Jason Ewing met. Unbeknownst to the other, each of their intention was to bring that style of hot yoga they had fallen in love with back to Atlanta.

Jason and Cristina’s partnership was one of the most successful partnerships in the history of Bikram Yoga Studios. Their passion for Bikram Yoga won them many loyal  students and Bikram Yoga Atlanta became one of the most popular studios in the area.

Years passed and in 2009, Bikram sent all studio owners a Franchise Agreement. In this Agreement, the studio would be forced to enter into a very strict and limiting legal contract with Bikram as a corporate franchise. The agreement was restrictive and detailed as to what studio owners could do and not do. This did not seem to match the vision of what Cristina and Jason saw for their yoga studio. So, with almost ten years of practicing and teaching under their belt, Cristina and Jason decided to part ways with Bikram and embark on a new yoga path.

In March of 2010, at the same time that Jason and Cristina’s Bikram Yoga Atlanta studio was celebrating their tenth year anniversary, Be Hot Yoga Atlanta was born.  Be Hot Yoga is based on the practice and discipline of traditional hot yoga.  Our teaching is based on stillness, balance and alignment to reach a deeper connection to oneself.

Be Hot Yoga Atlanta continues to offer the 90 minutes 26 original hot yoga style as well as well as 75-minute classes, and advance silent classes.

For years they been having to retrain teachers would would come out of teacher training without teaching one  full class.  Yoga studios make a lot revenue training students however those students hardly teach one class before they graduate.  In 2011  Jason and Cristina selected and train a group of  7 students to become part of their teaching staff.  

Presently Be Hot Yoga studio is growing and flourishing and is now located at the beautiful facilities of Urban Body Studios where showers and lockers are provided and where the atmosphere is calm, stylish and eco friendly.