Tanya (our Shakira)
 At 2 she wanted to run for President, but her mother told her only men were presidents.
 That comment from her Mother sparked something and look at that determination in her smile. She has the "eye of the tiger" when practicing too.  And the inspiration for Beyoncé's hit "If I Were a Boy''?   
 As her hair grew she realized maybe stardom would be better...
 One time her head was itching and she used her toes to scratch it. That's when she decided to try gymnastics. She knew she needed an act.
 In honor of Joan Rivers, I think she can say "Bitch stole my look!" about Baton Bob.
 Who wore it better? Our Shakira does currently own a white tutu and has rocked it at quite a few high society events without a whistle or a baton, just sayin'   
 Is there a slight resemblance to Lady Diana here? Shakira is BFFs with Beyoncé, the Queen of Soul.
 Bet you she was the Captain of her squad because I already know she was the President of her sorority at Auburn.
 Well someone moved to Texas in the 80s! Go big or go home has been a mantra ever since. Uber X? Uhh-no. Town Car or Suburban only, por favor.
 From the 80s to the 90s to now...still looking good! Justin Timberlake does have a song, "Damn Girl".
 Hanging with some stars...recognize anyone? Me neither. :)
 #humanweathervane? What form! What balance! Look at that parallel line even at the high altitude!!! This girl does like to travel.
 Not only is she one of our most dedicated students, but our honorary office manager, IT support contact, and official concierge. These hands our super fast on MindBody too. Need to sign-in? It's done before you have picked up the pen. Thanks for all of your help and support over the years Tanya!!!
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