The Urban Body building used to be an ink factory.   (Can you see the ATL skyline in the window reflection?)
 Our yoga room was the loading dock for the ink factory.  When we first opened the floor had a downward slope.  Not so good for Balancing Stick!
 A couple of months after we opened a huge storm caused some damage to the building.  The landlord, cashed up with insurance money, poured us a new cement floor.  Now we're on the level and our students don't fall down when they're standing on one leg.
 Kim B. (one of our old-timer students) refereed the style match between Jason and Cristina, resulting in the color scheme and design we have today.  Thank you Kim B.
 Our carpet is made with a new natural antimicrobial protectant - it's the latest and the best on the market!
 Kathy was a Student of the World before she joined us as a Teacher of the World.  She started practicing yoga with Be Hot ATL when she was 53.
 Cristina was on CNN once.  When they came to interview her she thought it was Channel 2, a local TV station, until a friend called her from the airport and told her, "I'm watching you on CNN right now!"
 Our original studio in Cheshire bridge was this color!  One of our Students of the World recently told us yellow is supposed to be a very unsettling color.  Subway sandwich stores are painted this color so people won't hang around.  People are more likely to get angry and babies are more likely to cry in yellow rooms.  
 Until one day Cristina went out of town and Jason painted it this color. Cristina didn't speak to Jason for a month!    Pink, however, is thought to have a calming effect, and is associated with love and romance.  Pink is also thought to convey compassion, and people wearing pink are considered more approachable and capable of loving others.  Hmmm, I wonder... might their color choices give us some insight into the dark depths of our Be Hot leaders minds
 Jason made his bad good when he choose and worked out all the details of the new front desk (which Cristina liked a lot).  We're not sure of the color psychology for this shade, but at least they finally agree!  And, to date there have been no crying babies, temper tantrums or public displays of affection, so far, so good.
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