It's our lovely Tarah!
 Tarah usually leaves a post-it note with a sweet message to the teacher who is teaching after her. Cristina nicknamed her Tweety.
 As a little kid she was already telling her mother how to drive...It was great training because she has to drive on I-75 to and from the studio. She and Dave live in Marietta. OTP! Crazy, huh? But we sure do appreciate it.  
 Tarah feels comfortable in nature. AKA peeing outside or in water.
 Tweety on the rock, but doesn't it look like the rock from The Lion King? Give us a roar!!!
 Tarah has been a vegetarian since she was in college. This picture was not taken in college, however.
 Sticks and Stones
 Always the good student.
 When Tarah was a little girl she actually wanted to be a vet.
 She had a great backbend from an early age
 And good jazz hands! Unfortunately this skill isn't used in yoga postures too much.
 The beautiful bride surrounded by nature.
 "The hills are alive.....". This is from her audition to be a Von Trapp. Darn the Carrie Underwood!
 Tarah has some amazing pictures in yoga poses and from her travels. Check her out on Instagram @tarahgail
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