Please Review:

  • Please follow the instructions given by your teacher.  Trust their knowledge.
  • Learn to listen. This is the fundamental principle of this studio.
  • Remove all jewlery. No cell phones, pagers, wallets or keys. Only bring what you truly need for class in the room ie yourself, mat, towels, and water.
  • No shoes or socks in the studio - clean feet only.
  • DO NOT leave during class unless it is an emergency (do get permission from the teacher first).
  • When you need to sit down/take a break, please sit through the whole set.
  • Do not wear perfume, oils or any type of cologne.  The heat intensifies any scent.
  • Let your teachers know of any medical conditions.
  • New students please set up in the back row (even if you have done Hot Yoga in other studios).
  • Use common sense and be mindful of others.
  • No whining!

Good Studio Etiquette is Appreciated:

The students in the front row help the teachers guide the class. In order to be in the front row you have to be more than a good student. You have to give a good example to the people that are behind you.

Front Row Etiquette:

  • BE MINDFUL: If you are setting up in the front row, look back, make sure you are not right in front of someone, obstructing their view.
  • BE COMMITTED: If you think you are going to need to sit down, don't set up in the front.
  • BE AWARE: If you can't be still, don't set up in the front.
  • BE PRESENT: Do not start or change before the teacher instructs you to do so.
  • BE HUMBLE: Do not change or modify any pose.  No advanced poses in class.